Cricket First Aid for Parents

Sports can be an excellent opportunity to teach children of all ages about what it means to function as a team rather than as an individual. It helps motivate children to find a better way to express themselves while helping them to stay fit so that they have a long, healthy life.

Cricket is one sport that can do all these things. The problem is that, like all physical activities, there is a certain degree of risk involved when playing it, as children are likely to get hurt. They may slip and fall, sprain their ankle, bruise their shins or be the recipient of unfortunate contact with the cricket ball.

Let’s learn about reducing the risk of injury and the kind of first aid for parents to learn to keep your children safe while playing cricket.

Preventing Injuries

Teaching children how to prevent injuries can be as simple as teaching them how to properly handle the equipment and how to play cricket. Even when the eventual injury does happen, it will improve your child’s odds and those of the children around them by helping to lessen the chances that a severe injury occurs.

When introducing your children to cricket and before every game, remind them of the following things:

  1. They should respect the game and the rules of the game.
  2. They shouldn’t mistreat the equipment, ball or cricket bat.
  3. They should always remain focused on the game.
  4. They should refrain from ever intentionally putting themselves or another person at risk.

Cricket First Aid Guidelines for Children

Though cricket is a game that isn’t as risky as sports like football, injuries will still occur. As a parent, it’s as important to know how to properly treat a scraped knee as it is to know how to stabilize and treat head trauma before your children begin playing the game.

The first thing you will need is a first aid kit for children. These kit should include the following items:

  • Emergency Care Cards
  • A CPR Mask
  • SAM Splints
  • Triangular Bandages
  • Sterile Gauze Pads
  • Roll Gauze
  • An Antiseptic Solution such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol or Iodine
  • Children’s Aspirin or Acetaminophen
  • Safety Pins, Adhesive Tape and Elastic Bandages to Secure Dressings, Splints and Other Items
  • Disposable Cold Packs
  • Plastic Bags
  • Sunblock
  • Insect Repellant

These items constitute the bare minimum that a first aid kit for children playing cricket should have. It gives you the ability to stop any life-threatening injuries that your child may sustain while ensuring that you have the ability to give appropriate treatment to reduce the severity and duration of injuries that aren’t life threatening like ankle sprains.

Cricket First Aid for Parents: Procedures and Advice

Most treatments for injury will be common sense. Having access to the right supplies will enable you to perform swift treatment of injuries that could threaten your child’s life.

You should stop the bleeding from cuts, gashes and other wounds with the proper application of gauze pads and bandages after cleaning the affected area with antiseptic.

Broken fingers and other bones should be stabilized by a splint before traveling to a doctor or emergency room.

For sprains, muscle strains, dislocations, contusions and fractures, it’s important to immediately get your child to stop playing the sport. Use ice or cold packs from your kit to reduce swelling in the affected area. You can utilize bandages and tape to help apply pressure to the injury once it has been stabilized by a compression sleeve, cloth or bandage. The last step to decrease swelling of such an injury is to elevate the injury.

If your child is in pain, then use aspirin or acetaminophen to reduce the pain. You may wish to give your child a small dose of these drugs to help further reduce swelling.


Image source: http://www.ballancricketclub.com/milo-cricket.html

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Can Business Consulting Make My Sports Entity More Profitable?

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The sports industry is a complicated field. To make it a thriving business, an expert opinion may be useful. Hiring sports business consultants can improve revenues for a recreation, university or sports entity. From coordinating engagements to creating business opportunities, business consultants for sports team can improve the profitability and the financial health of a venture. Specialty advisory services can help sports entities understand the economics and steps required to make the business a thriving one.

What does a team of sports business consulting have to offer?

Sports consulting services encompass several different areas. A sports business consultant delivers specialty services for companies that operate in sports, sports entertainment and recreational industries. It can include a range of services from site engagement to acquisitions. In some cases, these services can even include human resources. They assist in developing fundraising, management, grants, sponsorship and marketing services. Working with a stable sports business consulting firm is advantageous in many areas. These services drive revenue through specialized marketing to generate business opportunities.

Examples of services include:

• Valuing player contracts
• Provision of specialized litigation support and legal consulting
• Financial modeling
• Valuation services for internal management planning, gift estate tax planning, player contracts
• Public relations support
• Strategic planning to help companies get the level of support required to attain measurable goals
• Planning for regulatory and compliance
• Developing a comprehensive risk management plan

Sports consulting in action

Sports consultants assist in providing advisory services to help companies remain compliant. Experts work with entities to develop policies for hiring an intern, which could violate certain statutes. In cases where a business might benefit from exposure to increase opportunities to raise funds or generate revenue, a sports business consultant could be quite the asset. Perhaps a facility better suited for one type of sport is not generating the revenue it needs because its sales efforts are focused on a less profitable area. The consultant may identify measures in the area of cost containment that could improve cashflow for the business. There may be an opportunity to host an event that ay require a bidding, in which a consultant could assist in preparing the package.

Sports consulting helps business owners and stakeholders develop the plans and systems that can help a business thrive. From providing public relations support to providing advisory services for mergers and legal services, a consultant who specializes in sports marketing will have the necessary expertise to make the venture successful.


Cricket Australia Reveals Why They Helped Fawad Ahmed

One of the key backers of Fawad Ahmed’s refugee claim has denied that the reason Cricket Australia helped Ahmed out was because they were trying to find the next Shane Warne. He also stated that Ahmed’s life could have been put in danger if he had returned to Pakistan.

Ahmed did not want to talk about the report on ABC. Derek Bennett is the president of the Cricket Club at Melbourne University. Ahmed is not represented by Bennett. However, Bennett did help Ahmed apply to the Chris Bowen, who was the immigration minister at the time. Ahmed’s initial application was rejected.

Ahmed was playing club cricket in Melbourne during the time that he sent his application to the minister. Bennett stated that Ahmed was not on the radar as a possible player for Australia. He also stated that the reason Cricket Australia helped Ahmed out was because they wanted to help a person out who had been persecuted for playing cricket. Additionally, Bennett reiterated that Cricket Australia did not help Ahmed because they were looking for another Shane Barne.

Cricket Australia understood that Ahmed could have never played cricket again if he returned to Pakistan. He could have also been killed if he would have returned to Australia. James Sutherland, who was one of the people helping Ahmed, worked very hard to make sure that he could stay in the country.

Ahmed was able to get permanent residency in November 2012. This was before he made his first class debut in Victoria. The citizenship laws were amended so that people who played cricket could get citizenship under the same provision as tennis players and Olympic athletes.

As a result of this change, Ahmed was eligible to compete in the Winter Ashes last year. However, Bennett has noted that there is a difference between permanent residency and citizenship. He also stated that he understands why Ahmed does not want to comment on the issue. Furthermore, Bennett said the minister had to compromise with his own department with in order to come up with a solution.

Ahmed had received three death threats between May 2009 and February 2010 from members of the Taliban. During his time in Pakistan, he worked for an organization that promoted education for girls and women. He also coached and played cricket.

Ahmed’s initial application was rejected by the Refugee Review Tribunal member, but it was accepted when a claim was made stated that his life would be in danger if he returned to the same part of Australia. Cricket Australia has not commented on this.

Migration lawyers could have helped Ahmed’s case go more smoothly. Migration lawyers are professionals who are knowledgeable in immigration law.


Personal Injury During Devonport Cricket Match

Slee Blackwell understands how to get personal injury claims concluded to the benefit of the victim. In fact, Mr. Robson of the Exeter Slee Blackwell office just recently helped a man from Devon get compensation after becoming grievously injured playing cricket. The man had sought the help of solicitors from London, but they failed to help him and he came to Slee Blackwell.The aforementioned incident happened in the middle of a cricket match. The victim went high to catch the ball and came down near the wicket and crease. There, beneath the grass of the pitch, was a dangerously rusty metal plate. It was installed with the intention of covering a stopcock, but it was not clear to people on the field. The edge of the plate was so sharp that the cricket player wound up with a large open wound on his knee when he came down on the plate.The first step was getting an admission of liability from the responsible party. The Devon man was unable to get this from his London firm and so went to Slee Blackwell at the suggestion of another Devon client. He would not get the same ineffective treatment from his new firm.

On our client’s behalf, we cited the Occupier’s Liability Act. This states that it is the Defendant’s responsibility to provide a safe pitch. Given that the pitch was used for sports that involve running and sometimes coming down with force, it falls within those responsibilities that there are no objects that can cut or trip players on the field, particularly if they are not visible. Our firm felt that the metal plate that wounded our client was a clear violation of this act.

Through our work, the Defendants in this case finally accepted liability for the event. Their only recourse was to acknowledge that they were at fault for our client’s injuries resulting from their careless maintenance of the field.

After examination from orthopaedic and plastic surgeons in the Exeter area, it was determined that the Claimant would have permanent scars. It was also found that he could not kneel without problems and he did have some residual pain. The Defendants and our personal injury lawyers agreed that the Claimant was due compensation. The settlement took into account ongoing problems and scarring when determining its payout. Our client did not even need to go forward with court proceedings after our work with the Defendants.

If you are looking for personal injury lawyers in the Devon and Somerset area, call us free at 0808 1391590 or email us at lee.dawkins@sleeblackwell.co.uk


Cricket Injury: Simple but Effective Ways to Get Rid of Neck Pain

In the event that your neck is aching, it will without a doubt put a limitation on any movement you are meaning to do. Moving the damage turns into a point of convergence for you and discovering the most ideal approach to get rid of neck pain likely turns into your most significant arrangement.

There are numerous significant movements to take to have the capacity to end your neck pain. Three of the best strategies are supplied here.

3 exercises you can do to get rid of neck pain are: utilizing the utilization of chilly and heat, disposing of muscle imbalance, and neck pain therapy. Further illumination is specified for each one activity underneath.

Ice and heat – This activity is your quick solace step. When you have neck pain, brief solace could be achieved by using ice when you have been heartily utilizing the muscles as a part of your neck and putting some type of strain on them as of late. This methodology will help in lessening any irritation that could happen in the neck area as a consequence of that activity. When you intend to do something whenever soon that would presumably cause the muscles in your neck some strain, slacken them up by applying a spot of heat to that region.

Remove muscle imbalance – In a few conditions neck pain is the reaction of a muscle imbalance with respect to the muscles of the neck. The muscles on one side of the neck are in a compromised condition and the muscles on the restricting side of the neck have been overstretched and over worked to make up for the absence of help furnished by the compromised muscles. Diagnosing, then fortifying and extending the right muscles will help evacuate the imbalance. This system implies all the more a drawn out methodology to recuperating. Then again, it is the doubtlessly way in light of the fact that in this condition a snappy fix wouldn’t be accessible at any rate. Rest guaranteed, committed exertion on this step is certain to furnish enduring and more likely than not perpetual determination simultaneously.

Neck pain therapy – In intense cases or those where the issue has been around for a little while, this sort of neck pain therapy might be your best cure. Seeing a physical therapist and tuning in exercise based recuperation will take into consideration administration to be given in immediate control of your neck muscles and spine if necessity be. Hands-on forethought furnished by a therapist can target trigger indicates and works evacuate them by kneading the muscle structure, affecting the spine, and displaying therapy exercises to assist help out with muscle reinforcing

On top of that, figure mechanics likewise have an impact on neck discomfort. It can usually be anticipated in conditions where a person whose ordinary sitting position has their neck and button pulled send as one sample. A physical therapist can clarify those postural matters and assistance to alter those utilizing exercises that will get rid of the pain in your neck.

As in the past activity this stage of neck pain therapy does not qualify as a fast cure. Still, dedicated and figured out work on this step will emphatically guarantee long haul fruitful effects.

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Cricket Betting

Cricket has seen a surge in popularity, as of late. Even though some of the best voted Cricket teams have hailed from India, it’s still a sport that is enjoyed casually throughout every country in the world. Most notably, Australia, England, and the US have seen the most popularity in this sport.

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There are always plenty of cricket matches, which are going on at different times, depending on the area and date that it is to be set. A few upcoming matches, which are currently available for bets, is South Africa versus India at Johannesburg, which will take place on the 18th of this week, and New Zealand versus West Indies at Hamilton, which will take place on the 23rd of this month. Place you free bets at http://www.freebookmakerbets.com.au





Indoor Cricket Australia Ltd, the Monika Brogan and Alan Wilson medals will become the ultimate individual honour for an Australian player.Votes for the medals will be awarded based on performances at State, National and International events each year.Voting for the inaugural 2001 medals included votes received at State and Territory Championships last year, the 2001 Australian Open Championships and culminated with the 2001 TransTasman Test Series held last October.New ICA medallions will be struck to present to the recipients of these prestigious titles.  These medallions will display characteristics that will clearly identify with the importance of these awards and with the players that they were named after.Monika Brogan has represented her State – New South Wales for fourteen consecutive years at the National Championships captaining the New South Wales Womens team to seven National title victories.  Monika has played 19 tests for Australia and captained the winning Australian Womens team in the inaugural 1998 Indoor Cricket World Cup for women.

Alan Wilson represented his State — Queensland for eight years at the National Championships and culminated his state career by captaining the winning Queensland Lightning team at the inaugural televised National League Championships. Alan played 22 tests for Australia and captained Australia to two Indoor Cricket World Cup victories.

Alan Wilson Medal Winner 2005
(Troy Gurski Qld)
Monika Brogan Medal Winner 2005
Belinda Noack (SA)








































The purpose of the medal is to recognise persons who have made a contribution to Australian sport as a current or former particpant or through the provision of support services to sport. 
The Indoor Cricket Australia wish to congratulate all winners of this prestigious award.

1.   Alan Wilson

1.   Greg King

1.  Rodney Chilcott

1.   Ross Collins

2.   Donna Dalby

2.   Ross Drury

2.  Bruce Reid

2.   Chris Beattie

3.   Dion Muir

3.   Monika Brogan

3.  Stephen Matkovich

3.   Craig Berger

4.   Greg Donnelly

4.   Louise Ahearn

4.  Frank Lee

4.   John Werner

5.   Brad Zellar

5.   Kay Denzel

5.  Greg Matthews

5.   Sara Cavanagh

6.   John Rheinberger

6.   Therese McGregor

6.  Trevor Lindsay

6.   Brett Armitage

7.   Garry Hauser

7.   John Rennie

7.  Adrian O’Connor

7.   Neil Cordy

8.   Ken Windsor

8.   Jeff Costello

8.  David Lewis

8.   Mick Dolphin

9.   Bob Turner

9.   Tony Panacasio


9.   Richard Boswell

10. Marilyn Heilbron

10. Ross Jones

1.   Terry Rankin

10. Richard Fisher

11. Aaron Mills

11. Don Skarrat

2.   Cathy Schultz

11. Adrian Gill

12. John Webber

12. Steve Simons

3.   Paul Smith

12. John Gillard

13. Darryl O’Sullivan


4.   Michael George

13. Goeff Zealley

14. Ross Smith

1.  Stephen Allie

5.   Darren Chapple

14. Stan Goodman

15. Peter Blow

2.  John French

6.   Darren Martin

15. Ross Gregory

16. Beverly Sullivan

3.  Joy Voss

7.   Colin Tuckwell

16. Jeremy Homfray

17. Steve Wilson

4.  Roger Wooley

8.   Angela Lee

17. Steve Idnurm

18. Kevin Rebgetz

5.  Jenny Mc Cormack

9.   Carolyn Dittmar

18. Steve Langdale

19. Lee Davis

6.  Cheryl Brown

10. Andrea McAuley

19. John Mark

20. Dave Shepley

7.  Pauline Briggs

11. Trudy Glazebrook

20. Peter Neville

21. Graham Groves

8.  Dianne Banks

21. Graeme Pearce

22. Bruno Klos

9.  Michael Rose


22. Kerry Scandolera

23. Bruce Urquart

1. Ian Blair

23. Cameron Taylor

24. Deb Walker


2. Amanda Challen

25. Rod Jenkins

1.  Steve Hart

3. Mali Jones

26. Robert Taylor

2.  Con Floros

4. Mal Challen